(Video) Fligga feat Lee Newton – C.O.B | Prod. By Anonymous

Queens M.C. Fligga links up with fellow Queens rapper Lee Newton for their new video C.O.B. If you’re a fan and appreciate rap music this song is definitely a track you would like. This soulful record produced by Anonymous brings out the best in both M.C.’s.

Through out the song you find yourself in a trance listening to the soulful sound of the instrumental, while also listening to both of their unique flows that fit well with the beat and getting a number of quotables.

“You ain’t gotta say I’m nice, the strip was green the coke was white shit we let the dope sit in rice” – Lee Newton

“Fligga cold heart refrigerator don’t get served by them different waiters they’ll Trey eight ya, throwing bullets like Troy Aikman, my time is coming baby have some patience, do you smell what the rock is cooking? A different fragrance.

I’m anxious to hear some more music from these two artist but for now you can watch the video for this song below and stream it on all platforms.

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