(News) The Hunger Fore More 12 Years Later ( Written By @MelvinFlynt_ ) 

12 Years ago the rap game was very different. A lot of artist were coming up and some of our favorite vets were in their prime. Back then New York had a lot of MC’s coming up making a name for themselves, and one of them was Lloyd Banks. Lloyd banks was a lot of people’s favorite rapper growing up(including mine and still is) from his freestyles with G-unit and his solo freestyles and fire verses the anticipation for his debut album had the rap world ready and anxious.

The G-unit leader 50 Cent came out wit his debut Get Rich Or Die Trying and it did huge numbers the first week. So people were expecting the same thing from banks and he definitely delivered with The Hunger For More. I remember when i was younger listening to this album having this on repeat. I think everyone has a couple of favorites from this LP.

Lloyd Banks - The Hunger For More back-sm

There are too many songs on here that i love i can’t even pick one favorite song. From him spitting bars on songs like warrior pt1 and 2, playboy, and if you so gangsta, to his flawless story telling on south side story which i think is a fan favorite from everyone. This LP set the tone for banks career and he still tours off of this project. For any rapper coming up make sure your first album is one to remember and treat it like it’s going to be your last.

I think that’s the mindset banks had recording HFM. The hunger, grittiness, The New York aura, numerous amount of punchlines, flow, everything on this album a true hip hop fan would love is on here and i don’t think banks gets his proper credit for what he brought to the game. With all of that being said what is your favorite song or songs from HFM and why? also as a rap fan thank you to Lloyd Banks for this great project which is the reason why he is my favorite tapper. i’m a leave a song for everyone to listen to if its’s possible you never heard this album.

hfm cd


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