(News) It Was Written 20 Years Later ( Written By @MelvinFlynt_ ) 

Twenty Years ago today i was five years old but i still can remember hearing if i ruled the world playing in my home and in the streets on people’s radio. That song literally had me thinking at a young age if i had the power to rule this world what would i do? That is how music is suppose to make you feel and think. Today marks the twentieth anniversary of Nas second album It Was Written which happens to be my favorite album from him.

On this album you can see the progression from Illmatic to It Was Written on many songs. His street records on this album sound more gritty then ever. Songs like Suspect and Street Dreams paint a dark picture of New York in the 90’s and also his story telling in particular shines bright on this album. Black girl lost talks about a young woman and the struggles she goes through and I gave you power is one of the best story telling songs he made. On the song he talks from the perspective of a gun and how it can control ones mind, gives them power and make them do devious things.

One of the most grittiest tracks on that album that paints a perfect picture of what it was like back like then and a favorite to me is Live Nigga Rap. From the production on the song to Nas and Mobb Deep’s wordplay on the record it’s the prime example of golden era hip hop and how New York sound at it’s peek. From the intro to the last song on the album every song is great and it’s no doubt that It Was Written is considered a classic.


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