(Video) @Currensy_Spitta – Everything We Wanted

Curren$y recently announced that he has seven new projects on the way. The first project to be released was Highest In Charge produced by Trauma Tone. If you are a Spitta fan like myself then you always admire and appreciate whenever he drops music, and he does it on a consistent basis.

One of the first videos to drop is Everything We Wanted which has been on repeat for me since the release of the album. It seems like Spitta gets better with each project he puts out as well. Where do you rank Highest In Charge In his catalog? Watch the video below and look out for more music and videos from him.

Quotable Lyrics :

“Jewelry heavyweight, do this everyday, this the only way

this my job though this how I stay paid

avoid colliding with niggas i’mm in my own lane.” – Curren$y

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