(Music) Be.Geniu$ – What You Know & DontBeStupid

Music producer Be.Genius from the Brooklyn hip hop group FatallyCoolSharks releases two new songs. What You Know & Dontbestupid are both produced and written by him as he shows off his versatility as an artist.

The first song What You Know about me is Be.Geniu$ giving you his energy while also sticking to his roots and staying true to his lyrical ability. On The other song DontBeStupid he gets more deep as he says why he stopped rapping for a minute and had to take a break while in his voice he talks his sh*t again over a soulful instrumental.

Quotable Lyrics :

“First I lost the passion then I lost the baby had me feeling like not even the music could’ve saved me, but even at my worst I’m the best is you crazy” DontBeStupid, Be.Geniu$

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