(Video) 320 Spyda x 320 Sneaky x 320 Maze – Wildin | Shot by. Haitian Picasso

320 crew members Spyda, Sneaky, and Maze release a new visual for their new song Wilding. The scene is at a house party surrounded by bottles, women, and fellow team members, Haitian Picasso capture’s a good visual for this track.

Quotable lyrics :

” Stay in your place we can’t relate I spend your sneaker money for a eighth, I spend your stu time for a zip, I spend your vid money on a plate” – 320 Spyda

” Thought I was Nate what you gone do in a bind for a little designer? you don’t get shit on consignment” – 320 Sneaky

” Feeling like smoke can’t hit this pretty package like it’s Christmas, she ask for Prada she tripping tell her put it on her wishlist” – 320 Maze

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