(Video) @KayAnthonyTh3rd Ft @DotDemoMusic – Bless Me

Kay Anthony has released a new single featuring fellow rapper Dot Demo entitled Bless Me. As soon as the song starts you can hear Kay Anthony say the words “Asking for the universe to bless me”. As a lyricist your words are powerful those words can resonate with the listener especially if they can relate to the song.

From the mellow instrumental, Kay Anthony and Dot Demo riding around the neighborhood, and also talking about what goes on where they come from, the visual and song go well with each other and your’e bound to have this on repeat.

Quotable lyrics :

“I done been through everything I done seen everything, never seen love in the hood no wedding rings, but I done seen it rain in the hood led bullets flying out all day chopper showers” – Kay Anthony

“Asking for the universe Cooperation, funeral services incarcerations, broken families toxic observations, Brenda’s baby father obligation” – Dot Demo

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