#TheMusicPlugNYC Exclusive Interview With @BrookyWest


As she prepares for her upcoming show at SOB’s we had a chance to interview Brooklyn West. An upcoming artist who has put out a couple of singles and is now working towards pushing her career even further.

For those who don’t know who you are let the people know your name and where you’re from?

I go by the name Brooklyn West. I rep that SunnySide/ShroomyGang. Im from the beautiful island Nassau, Bahamas.

Does where your from have an influence on your music and if so how?

Yes, it does a lot, thats what the West in my name stands for West Indies.
When did you decide for yourself it’s time for to take music seriously?
2 years ago after i recorded 11:11 i said i wanted to do this forever. 
I hear a lot of singing in your music over hypnotizing melodic instrumentals. Who did you listen to growing up? & Who inspires you musically?

Growing up I listened to a lot of Golden Oldies, 90 Hiphop/RnB, and i love Lauryn Hill.  From an all around spectrum and being a machine in Music I would have to say Drake. When it comes down to sound and melody The Dream is the goat to me.
Picking the right beat is critical for an artist when you’re searching through instrumentals what are you looking for to create that sound you want?
I actually hate when producers send me beat its very rare that i get beat package and i like the beats. Every song i have i literally wrote it first and sent the producer an accapella hook then they build a beat around it. But sometimes when i do get a folder of beats i look for weird sounds and mellow parts with a nice bass that will hug my vocals.
Take us into what a day in the studio would be like with you. What keeps you motivated to write? Do you need a lot of people around you in a session or a small group?
I really write in the spur of the moment so i would say constant changes in my life is what keeps me motivated. I hate going to the studio just to chill and write like some artist do i think its a waste of time. Usually i have the beat for a week then i record a rough in my room studio so i can learn it from the heart. The following week i will book the studio for an hour knock it out then leave. Only people in the studio is either me and my engineer or my camera guy will tag along. I never have a entourage with me. I feel like if you’re not on the track or helping the process your presence isn’t needed. 
Are there any mainstream or underground artist/producers you want to work with?
I really want to work with No Name Gyps i thinks she an amazing artist. Theres this producer by the name of Bizzness Boi I would love to sing on his beats. Also at some point in my career i want to do a 7 song EP with Wonda Gurl in Canada.
How are you preparing for your upcoming show at SOB’s?
Its my first show so I’ve got a lot of butterflies but outside of that I’ve just been practicing my set making sure i got my voice ready for the stage. 
My favorite songs from you are seasons & headlock. Can we expect more work from you and flacco beats in the future?
He’s actually the only producer on R69M and we have a couple other singles in the stash for after the release.
The video for TumblHer was great with an unique concept. How did you or the director come up with that? Also how did you link up with Nitty Scott for the song.
I came up with the idea because its what i naturally do on tumblr all day so it was pretty dope bringing my thirsting to life lol. We actually had the same A&R and he said he would send it to her and if she likes it she will do it. She replied instantly and once we drop the single I got her to come up to DC to shoot the video. 
For people who don’t know about your music  what would be the first song you would introduce them to and why?
This is actually a good question and this might sound weird but i literally go by the vibes of the person. So if i get the vibe that you like a certain type of wave I go to the song you would most likely relate too.
What is the message you’re trying to spread with your music?
If theres one thing i would love to spread as an artist is for people to live their truth and always be themselves.

What albums, artist, or songs are you listening to right now?
As for albums I’m listening to Nightride by Tinashe & A Seat At The Table by Solange.
As for artist Thugger, 21 Savage, Madetyo, Party, Popcaan. As song Menu by Ye Ali, Used To This by FBOVO, Spend It by Dae Dae.
Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on if so when can we expect an release date?
After dropping 5 singles over the past 2 years I’m finally giving my listeners a full project titled R69M ( room 69 ) and it will debut on Valetines Day. Headlock is the first single off of the the project. 

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