(Video) @Tsu_Surf – Forever Over Feat @TheRealChadB


Tsu Surf recently dropped a mixtape entitled 2:00 A.M previously which is one of my favorite tapes to drop this year. The pain, emotion, and content of Tsu Surfs lyrics on songs is what put you deep into his music and the messages he puts through them.

Forever Over is one of the songs where you hear the instrumental and you instantly get hypnotized by the sound and the emotions of the instrumental draw you to the track. Tsu Surf releases visuals for this song featuring Chad B and discusses a variety of things in the song.

Reminiscing about old times with people, regretting not talking over certain things, and losing loved ones. The visuals for the video go well with the song everyone wearing all white at a candle light, being at the grave sight, and Surf rhyming on a rooftop venting.

Make sure you listen to Tsu Surf’s mixtape 2:00 A.M

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