(News) Fatally Cool Pop Up Shop/Live Event (written by @MelvinFlynt_ )

Fatally Cool pop up shop/live performance

    On June 25,2016 New York collective Fatally Cool had their first annual pop up shop/live performance event. At the event you can feel the energy among everyone and see the support for FC.

     With art decorating the walls at the venue, shirts and dad hats on a clothes rack for display for people to purchase, and drinks for everyone to enjoy the tone was set for a good event.

Not only were people there that they knew but strangers were walking by looking, and walking in amazed; impressed at what they saw.

One stranger even came and bought a hat. They also had there own drink for everyone to try at the event called “Shark Passion”. Everyone enjoyed it and kept going back for more. Who can say no to a free drink right?

As time flies by the room and outside the venue gets filled up with more people, so now it’s time for the performances. AM Proper performed his singles from New Mind Control Pick your poison & crowd favorite town activity. Also he performed an upcoming single for his album Mascot, called Swim York featuring Epic.

Along with performing his featured verse on Swim York Epic performed Sweeter times, grittinomics, and 2 much soul featuring there in house producer Be.Genui$. Although genius wasn’t in attendance, Victory lap was performed by the group which kept the crowd going.

Manny Blanco finished off the performances with 100, Meet & Greet, worth the wait and Born. Born day was his moment as he got emotional performing soaking in all the success and love from that day.

The event ended with everyone signing there name on a banner which the Fatally Cool logo. The pop up shop/live performance was a success and I’m looking forward to more events such as this one from the Brooklyn crew.

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