(Music) @MikeMelinoe – Suicide B4 29 Ft. @inDCweTrust_

b4 29

Mike Melinoe’s “Suicide B4 29” flashes between images like the last moments of life–but instead of providing clarity, they’re tangled and twisted in unstable and impossible ways. He’s “Leo with a Grammy”, “Susan Sarandon in Panties”, and “Bruce Lee on acid.” He’s moved out of his momma’s house–but the extra room is filled with “hella roaches” and space for the worst parts of his mind to roam and express themselves. The track–produced by Dayggs–is an equally unhinged collage of anxious arpeggios and scattered percussions. Melinoe growls over the beat with his signature mix of almost mismatched syllables–constantly teetering on the edge. DC, a rapper from Hawthorne, California, is able to bend the track back from chaos to melody with his final verse. And yet, the song doesn’t allow you to shake the demons that stalk Melinoe in his new crib. Merch: http://melinoemerch.bigcartel.com/

Mike will be releasing an EP titled Caveman this August.

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