(Music) @NelloLuchi – My Side (The Stuy)

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“My Side” (The Stuy) is the second single off Nello Luchi’s forthcoming “Welcome” EP. Produced by Phoenix Says (The Soundkillers), the chorus contains an excerpt from Drake’s guest verse on Big Sean’s “Blessings”. The song is an ode to the Bed-Stuy neighborhood that raised Nello. She speaks on her darkest days there to seeing a change for the better.

“Half Batman Mixed With The Joker Face/Play Hero And A Villain At The Same Time…”, is her blunt affirmation that she will once again take the game and bring it back to “The Stuy”. This is the neighborhood that gave us two of the greats in Jay Z & Biggie. She feels it is her place to usher in the new era from her neighborhood.

Nello then goes on to speak about finding herself spiritually, as others around her still never notice the change. She embraces this change when she begins to see the people around her in herself.

She wants the listener to know one thing, Bed-Stuy will ALWAYS have an abundance of talent that are true to the art form.

Artwork: Halla Moda @mr.moda (of Soul Group Universe)
Twitter: @nelloluchi
Instagram: @nelloluchi

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