(Music) @JaneWeyes – The Seeker Mixtape

Chicago native, Jane Weyes, is a nineteen-year-old musician and songwriter. Jane has been making music since the seventh grade. In 2015, Jane took her music career to Memphis, TN for a year. Armed with a creative process heavily emphasizing lyricism,  Jane has transitioned from poetry, to singing, to rap –continuing to exemplify her creative versatility. Now that she is back home, her sole mission is to make music with a meaning and a purpose and continue to learn more about herself through her craft. Weyes explains her love for making music as an effective healing process that allows her to freely express herself and connect with others on a deeper level. Her plans for the future are limitless and she ensures that there will be many more surprises to come.
Her works include The Seeker (released August 25, 2015) and her most recent project Pink Skeyes (released April 1, 2016). Below I have included links to both her projects (with the cover art attached), her most recent song dropped, and her main page for more music along with a picture of her.
Thank you for your time.

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