(News) Should artist flood us with consist music? ( Written By @MelvinFlynt_ )

Iv’e been thinking about this topic for a long time and whether or not artist should do this. I have seen other artist via social media from Facebook to twitter discuss this and debate about this. Some artist don’t necessarily agree with flooding everyone with music every second and messing up there brand. Some people may not pay attention to every single song you come out with but we’re in a generation where the fans are spoiled and impatient. People want new music all of the time which i’m guilty of also especially being a fan of artist like Curren$y and Gucci Mane.

      Curren$y Gucci Mane are two of the most consist and hard working artist iv’e ever seen. If you’re a fan of these two artist you aren’t disappointed with how much content they release. I say that because you can always expect new music from them. They never stop working, some artist only put out music once in a while and expect fans to be happy with them. If these two are some of your favorite artist you’re happy with them.

My only problem with them is that i can’t keep up with every project they release. Gucci Mane  released a numerous amount of mixtapes while incarcerated (which is amazing and other artist should be ashamed) but sometimes honestly it is hard to keep up with all of his music. Overall though i am very impressed with their work ethic and being a fan of hip hop satisfied with the amount of music they put out.

There is a downside to everything as well though I see some underground artist saying they don’t want to put out music all of the time, because they want people to dissect the previous music they have released already. I understand that because people won’t be able to really get the lyrics, content, and just vibe to their current song if they just dropped three more tracks right? Not unless your’e really a music fiend and really sit there listening to every song of the artist your’e a fan of like myself.

My complaint with underground artist saying this is how do you expect people to know who you are? Don’t put out a couple of songs and a few videos a year and expect to get a buzz. Artist like that annoy me because they feel they have a buzz already and don’t need to put in the work.Don’t get me wrong the right song can have you on the radio and take you places look at an artist like Desiigner for example. Overall In order to really build that buzz you need to consistently drop music and videos.

Some artist barely put out any music or videos thinking there working hard and want to come on songs like “You already know who it is it’s your boy” nah we don’t know you. If you put out music consistently and some visuals we would definitely know who you are. Unless you’re really working hard behind the scenes, putting all of your songs together, trying to perfect your craft, and have a strategy you need to put out music consistently these days.

Source : https://twitter.com/MelvinFlynt_

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