(Music) @RickyRozay Releases Deluxe artwork for Black Market & New Music

Rick Ross Black Market first cover

The Boss Ricky Rozay has been working hard lately. He released Black Dollar earlier this year, which is by far one of the best mixtapes to come out this year. On top of releasing the tape he continued his consistency by putting out videos such as, Geechi Liberace and Money Dance. Also he put out a single with Chris Brown entitled Sorry.

With all of the hard work Ross is putting in he doesn’t stop. His soundcloud it’s self get’s a lot of plays because he puts out freestyles continuously and as a fan of the game i love it when a artist on his level is working like this, like they have something to prove.

Rick Ross Black Market alternate artwork

Rick Ross announced he will be releasing a new album 12/4 entitled Black Market. Black Dollar is a mixtape but it sounds like an album so i’m hoping he throws some of the vibe from the mixtape to the album and continue the sound and message.

If You haven’t heard his newest 30 for 30 freestyle or his other latest freestyles check it out

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