(Music) @iamlusmusic Releases Her New EP Moody

Lu$ unleashes her debut EP, “Moody.” Since releasing her singles, “Depressed in the Summer” and “Lie to Me,” Lu$ has been working non-stop to craft immaculate tunes. “Moody” EP is a testament of said devotion.

“Moody” EP was entirely written by Lu$ and produced by Terrance Daniels. Lu$ is known for her emotionally charged music. “‘Moody’ [EP] is about a girl who is expressing her hurt, confusion, and experiences with love,” Lu$ explains. Each song tells a story of relationship woes and self-care.

The song “Moody,” which inspired the titular EP, is about being in one’s feelings and taking some time for oneself. “We aren’t happy all of the time, sometimes we are sad for no reason. We don’t owe explanations to anyone for the way we feel. Everything will be fine.”

“Moody” EP is fierce, sexy, and empowering. You will be playing it on a loop for years to come. Lu$’s music will leave you breathless, joyous, and/or tearful. The 20-year-old songstress is only getting started.

Moody EP : https://fanlink.to/Lusmoody

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